RealFusion.com Interviews Bruce

The good folks over at RealFusion.com came out yesterday to interview Bruce.

RealFusion.com is a cutting edge online youth video show encouraging a closer walk with God, generating thought-provoking discussion about "What's Real Today," and what matters in eternity.

And just for you, here on the JOHN BLOG, is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the episodes that will feature Bruce.



marlena said...

Thanks so much for posting, it looks like it was a great time had by all. Not to forget that it is totally awesome to see the reach that this film is already beginning to have. It is an answer to prayer.

L.B. said...

Lord,we thank You ahead of time,for the lives that will be changed as they "absorb" Your Love through this program.
Thank You for Your Light Of Love,that shines like a beacon in this dark world.You are "colour" in this drab landscape..You are "flavour" in this bland sphere,and You are HOPE to the hopeless,and HELP to the helpless.You are "the out-stretched Hand"to the fallen.Yoe are the "strong shoulders" to the weary.
You are the "Lighthouse" to all the lost ships on a troubled sea.
You are the "safe harbour",and we thank You.Amen.

Kris_in_WA said...

I have heard many of Bruce's interviews (though clearly not even close to all of them! ha!) and I really liked them all. That said, this video series was a nice "change of pace" from the others - different, refreshing. The host was fun, too :) I liked 'em!