The Rabbit Hole

As with some of my previous posts, the subject of this entry will eventually have something to do with John.

I feel like I am right now sitting in front of the character "Morpheus" from the film The Matrix (1999). And he's asking me if I'm ready to--if I want to--go down the "rabbit hole" of discovery that will lead me to see things in the light of reality.

In the film, The Matrix, we have a world where human beings are grown in a factory by sentient robots, and the robots have created a computer program whereby people are made to live in a virtual fantasy world that looks and feels just like a normal world, when in fact all the humans are asleep in coffin-like containers, hooked up to a computer, while their body's natural energy is harvested for the use of the robots.

Of course some of the humans have figured this out, freed themselves from the computer-generated virtual world called "the Matrix" and it is now their mission to free others, by exposing the truth about the Matrix to individuals who are willing to listen.

Once again I've been asking deep questions as to "Why am I here?" and "What purpose am I serving?" and "Am I even making a difference in the kingdom of God?"

These past two months, the Lord would take me down another "rabbit hole," one that would cause me to examine myself once again, in the light of reality. I began to see my own deep-rooted character flaws. And with this understanding, He's slowly chipping away at my stubborn-ness...my pride.

And finally, the answer to "Why am I here?" -- is that I am here to make a difference. By being Jesus--not of my own strength, but by "dying" to myself and letting Jesus' character ooze out through me. I know, I'm being vague, but right now, it's the best I can explain. The Lord is giving me a course-correction, a heart-correction, a motivation-correction.

And He's showing me, that if I am to do anything that holds water, is that I have to know that it's about that man that Jesus loves. That woman that Jesus loves. That child. That teen. That college kid.

It's ringing in my ears: "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and WEEP WITH THOSE WHO WEEP!"

Every time you become a listening ear to some one who needs another human being to catch their tears, see their blood, and send prayers to God...

...and every time some one sends a dollar in toward the realization of John--it is to do a small thing for His glory that actually holds water. Done in sincerity. Done in humility. Done in the grace of God. Done in the hope that we would, together with other precious human beings, go down the rabbit hole of discovering the flesh-and-blood love of Jesus Christ--together crying, together bleeding, and together triumphing in Love, in Truth, in Beauty--who is Jesus Christ--the Word of God made flesh.

"In the beginning was the Word..."(John 1:1) Imagine that.


Kris_in_WA said...

Ronald, you couldn't have said it better. I'm going down some rabbit holes myself! And I'm so thankful for them. I think that that is exactly where God wants us -- a constant renewing of our minds and bodies and spirits through Him and only through Him -- by seeking more and more of Him, and His Word. For what we put into our hearts, is what we become and what we manifest.

Amen brother, amen.

K / California said...

Just another reminder... MM is still under budget for the September 19-24 crusade. Let's cover this in prayer and pull together to get this done... because saving souls IS what it's all about!!!

In His Grace...

Marlena in PA, USA said...

Ronald -
I too have been going down some rabbit holes and finally feel like I am getting closer to God and it is such a wonderful experience when you finally submitt to His Will. Praise Jesus!!

I will be praying for the funding of the crusade.

The Harvest is upon us! Amen!

God Bless,

In His Love...

K / California said...

Amen and AMEN!!!

In His Grace...

esme shaw said...

I sit here in front of my screen amazed at God's children - what a blessing it is to me as I read all of what has been written and "feel" the hearts of His kids - how special each and every one of You are to HIM.
Yes - be encouraged that He loves you and that only through our faithfulness to prayer will we see great and mighty works. Thank you for your prayers for my people in South Africa - this is very precious to me. Lots of love to each and all. Esme' - South AFrica

Kris_in_WA said...

Hello everyone,

It is my hope that everyone who reads this blog site feels the blessing of Christs love and calling, as I know He just longs to do! He longs to give us a hope and a future! (Jer 29:11) He longs to bless us; and to love us, and to hold us and comfort us ....to laugh with us, to be joyous with us, to celebrate with us!

My excitement for Marchiano Ministries "JOHN" just grows and grows! This blog is so neat and meeting some of the family of God throughout the world is ever so exciting and such a blessing! I believe that He will bring together those to do His work starting with us, who are doing so "little" in the grand idea of things but that which in the end, mean so much to Him! How exciting! How humbling! How cool!

I've been going through some interesting hurdles in life of late and have been exploring the rest of the world as well in my heart...a world where, even children are disallowed to speak of the name Jesus or God, or even, or prayer in many schools today; the lies of the enemy - who wishes to kill and destroy. Oh, how we need the truth, the Word; oh how we need Jesus; and oh, how we need this JOHN project! There are still so many people who are lost, or, even, wandering. Souls who have such a deep longing for Christ and yet, for various reasons, remain without knowing Jesus - without really, knowing the heart of Jesus. Maybe they are lost because of past hurts so deep, they are afraid to trust even Jesus; maybe it is because of addictions, or others pulls of worldy means; maybe its because they've never been told about Jesus, or His Word; maybe it's because they live in culture (through no fault of their own, but only through the worlds' brokeness) of oppression, plagues and on and on.... I don't know -- but I do know there are many of those hungry, hurting, lonely, lost and wandering souls out there. And again, oh how we all need Jesus!!

I used to be one of them, until a few years ago...when I started to listen to the whispers of God into my heart...He'd been working on me for a very long time! Finally, I listened...praise God! Oh but it wasn't easy, He worked for it in my life! he kept calling; and kept calling...and even, working in my life. It was was only for me to be still, know that He is God, and SEE Him working; to open my eyes. And when I did it was WOW! Then, God led me (more than once, actually!) to a movie that of which made Him come very alive for me (Matthew). Some of you reading may know, but some of you reading may not know so I'll just tell you again -- the guy who played Jesus in that movie was Bruce Marchiano. Well, needless to say, Bruce has gone on in ministry with what I know in my heart are his gifts from God - in various ways which included writing some books that also bring Jesus very much to life for many (myself included!)...and it is that same gift that writes this JOHN which I know in the deepest area of my heart will bless so very many! And I just get so excited at what God's going to do!!!

Still - we know that the enemy seeks to kill and destroy. I feel in my heart that this project and those who are doing toward His purposes will be under enemy attack as we go forward...Lets join together and keep praying against that - and then lets step back in faith and watch and be amazed at what He's going to do! We know that in Him the victory is already there! We know, it is already done! We have only to obey...and to open our hearts! Praise God!

"Father God,

I love you. Oh how I LOVE you Lord! Thank you for your beautiful son Jesus. Thank you for your love, and your life. Thank you for my life - for saving my life; for giving me life. Thank you for my children who I know you hand picked just for my arms, even though I'm not perfect - I know you'll guide me in my walk as a parent...as I seek you daily. Thank you, Lord, for my family of God and my friends in Christ. Thank you for fellowship, and love. Thank you for what you are about to do with JOHN Lord, and with the blessings you are about to bestow on so many precious people who you have called by name, Lord! Thank you, for having me be a part of this exciting, blessing of an adventure Lord - how humbled I am.

Lord Jesus, I just pray you would put your angels around each and every heart and life that is giving and believing in faith toward your purposes, Lord...Lord, bless them, and keep them safe - keep them strong in you; guide them in their path, Lord; let their ways be yours,...

I ask that you would let your Light shine, Lord on this project and over all the lives that will be touched through it, Father God. Let your Light shine and block all attempts of the enemy against your purposes; let it shine against all weaknesses, against all temptations, against any tiny crack of opportunity the enemy seeks or will seek to gain, Lord. The victory is YOURS, Lord, in your Power and Glory. Let your Light shine through us all, Lord.

I pray this in the precious name of Jesus."


Katie R. said...

Amen, Kris!
Love from me and all who have read and agreed with you in prayer :^)

Marlena in PA, USA said...

Amen! Amen!
I can't tell you Kris and all of you the blessings I have recieved this very day, from your prayers. Yesterday I had a pretty wonderful day, a friend of my mother's and mine both, came over and we just sat and listened to a teaching on The Cup of Blessing, and then studied God's word and just prayed for a lot of things but we prayed for Marchiano Ministries and The Gospel According to John as well. It was some pretty powerful prayer time, but as many of you know, Satan was there ready for an attack the following day, it wasn't anything large but it was enough to discourage. Then I was sitting on my couch, my mother looked out on my porch and saw a package in the mail box, after we had already gotten our mail for the day. It was a package from Marchiano Ministries and what a blessing. It was the posters that I had asked Sharon for a few days ago, but she included the whole ensemble, flyers, cd, etc. Well, my mother's friend stopped back in because she has a store, a craft/christian store and said that she would, of course, put up a poster and pin a couple of the flyers up on the bulletin board and window in her shop. We all sat down and listened to Bruce's CD and WOW!! Double WOW!! Make that a tripple WOW!! It was just the encouragment boost we needed to hear and then to come on this blog and see the wonderful things God is doing through His people and to read the beautiful prayers. Praise Jesus!!
God Bless You All!! I am in complete Agreement, Kris, with you and the rest of the mighty warriors that God has chosen to use for the harvest.
Amen, Amen, and Amen!!

Kris_in_WA said...


Thanks for sharing! Yes, isn't is awesome the way God just puts that needed fellowship around us; the way He has such perfect timing - especially when it comes to opening up doors for spreading the news of JOHN! :)

Kris_in_WA said...

Thanks Katie!

K / California said...


That was a beautiful prayer... I'm in total agreement. God's Blessings!

In His Grace... Karen

The Gospel According to John said...

hello everyone.

it's always a joy to "meet" all of you here. that, God would use us people to effectuate His will on earth, is humbling. what a Wonderful Savior we serve!


esme shaw said...

Hi guys and gals - trust all well with each and everyone of the prayer partners of JOHN - Look forward to reading some good 'stuff" from all of you in the USA. 1st Sept was the start of SPRING in South Africa so everything is sprouting and beautiful - God bless - Esme' in South Africa

Kris_in_WA said...

Hi Esme'...

Spring...how awesome! We are wrapping up the last of summer, here in Washington state USA. It has still been sunny and warm, but it's the last of it before the cold and snow hit in the next month or so..likely. I grew up where it doesn't snow much at all; our climate varies here alot you know, depending on where you are at - and I keep trying to pray the snow away here where I'm at now, but it just isn't happening year after year ! (Just kidding - though I'd love to not have snow or cold! I admit, it's ceased to be a blessing, cold and snow! ha!)

I'm taking on more JOHN projects...which are always a pleasure to do; and otherwise keeping fairly busy with whatever life changes the Lord has for me...I'm just always amazed at where He'll take me next! And today is no exception - I'm just praying and waiting to see!

I can tell you are soaking in some blessings today, enjoying your spring! :) Good to hear from you Esme'.


Canada said...

Kris and Esme,
I would love to live somewhere, where I could wear sandals year round, but the reality of winter will
soon be apon us again as well. I do
like skiing and Hockey so I guess its not all bad! And my kids pray for Snow Days!haha God Bless You all!