The e-Newsletter...and more

There is so much going on at the John website!

Bruce is doing some more radio and TV appearances on behalf of John.

Sharon at Marchiano Ministries has set up a brand new, awesome John e-Newsletter that is full of updates, new information, and reports coming in from John supporters all around the world--and of the wonderful things that the Lord is bringing about. (This is also a great tool to spread the news about John because you can fill out a form to have the newsletter emailed to your friends!)

Go to www.gospelaccordingtojohn.com and click on recent updates to get in on all the goings on.

Finally, a word of encouragement to all of us involved in this kingdom project (and to any Christian laboring for His kingdom):

Currently my Bible reading plan is taking me through the book of Nehemiah. In reading chapter 4, it really blessed me: The Jewish people have returned from their captivity in Babylon to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah's leadership. And I saw how everyone contributed, how everyone did their part, and how the surrounding nations would attack and taunt the wall-builders, but they kept at it, arming themselves with swords, and they kept at it, saying:

"Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes [...] The work is great [...] Our God will fight for us"(Neh. 4:14,19-20).
And so, we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. (And go, go, go, sign up for the e-newsletter if you haven't already!)


esme shaw said...

OK - where is everybody ? I so look forward to the encouragement and prayers and love that seems to be circulating on this blog. Hope that we are all still praying ! Lots of love to all the John prayer partners out there - Esme' in South Africa.

Kris_in_WA said...

((Esme)) Hi! I'm still here :) Glad you are as well! I was praying just a few hours ago as a matter of fact toward JOHN, asking for open doors, ideas, and to be used in however the Lord wills. So I join you in your continued heartfelt embracing of JOHN! We have a team of us who are still at it, still pushing through... and I know that although we may fall silent at times it is still that we are persisting and persisting! ;) It is He who will strengthen, refresh and carry us on and through!

Personally I am still out there spreading the news of this film...spreading postcards, posters, and soon, flyers wherever I can think of to spread them! I'm finding that I really love and have fun doing that -- especially when I am talking to an audience who is caught up in the excitment -- when I can see their faces light up with the same knowledge of what is to come; with the same feeling of Jesus that surrounds this film and the expectation of it. It's "fun" and it's invigorating and...life-giving. At times, it can be tiring but He refreshes and refreshes; and renews and renews,...

By the way, it was also so exciting to see the word of JOHN spreading to worldwide televsion (LeSEA - The Harvest Show). I was out of town and had access to dish tv at the time, so was able to watch it live -- and it was awesome. So exciting to know it was broadcast around the world, and will touch so many! I just prayed and prayed during the interview, even while I listened to Bruce and the interviewers, I prayed!

It was good to hear from you Esme!

Emily said...

Isn't there already a movie, the Gospel of John that was put on by Visual Bible International Inc.? How will your movie be different from this one?

Kris_in_WA said...
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Katie R. said...

Hi, Emily,
Glad to see Kris has responded to your question. I thought you might also like this excerpt, pasted from the August 10 e-newsletter, Bruce's response to basically the same question:
Bruce, why another Jesus movie, especially John when John has already been done in the Good News Bible as well as The Passion of the Christ?

I questioned this myself, but in prayer the Lord pointed me to (ironically) John 21:19-22 where Jesus asks Peter to follow Him. Indicating the Apostle John, Peter says, "What about him?" Jesus replies, "What is that to you? You must follow me." In other words the Lord was saying that it isn't for me to worry about such things or try to figure it out. Mine is not to question Him or judge His leading by what may or may not seem to make human sense. His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8, 9) and it would be criminal for me or anyone to presume wisdom greater than His. Therefore it is mine (and this goes for all of us) to just surrender, submit, follow and obey as He has led - and there is no doubt in my mind that means filming John in the NIV. Glory to Jesus!

Marlena in PA, USA said...

esme and all -
I, too, am still here and praying. In fact, I think that through this trying summer, that it seems everyone has been facing, God has been drawing me in even closer to Him, which is where I needed to be. I truly believe that the finding of Bruce's web site, and the John film were no accident that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy lead me here for a very specific purpose and I intend to go full force.
I know that I go off on tangents, so please forgive me, but back to John. I believe I wrote a while back about meeting with one of the local church's campus ministry director for the local university. I am to have lunch with her around the 13th of September to discuss the film and to discuss having Bruce either come to speak on campus (which is what I am praying for as this campus needs more light shed thorugh out and I can't think of a better way to do it) or at the church. So, please pray that God will give me the wisdom and the words to share with this person and accordingly, about setting up Bruce's visit. Also, I think that there needs to be a prayer covering for the area before this even happens. I really think that this is where the body of Christ is lacking, and that is in prayer, the "on your knees" approach to God. There has been so much teaching about prayer lately that I am hoping it will catch on. I, myself, am learning and growing in this area and I am very thankful for the prayer team at Marchiano Ministries and for all of you wonderful prayer warriors out there. I am going to send for some posters and flyers as well, so that hopefully I can get them before I meet with this person, well her name is Karen (it helps when praying to have specifics, forgive me for not mentioning that earlier).
I also watched The Harvest Show and was so blessed by it and the interview. Wow!! I just know that God is going to do amazing things with this film, the crusades and the ministry. I heard a minister say just the other day how God will lead you to a ministry and not just a ministry but a friend, etc. My heart rejoices when I read the testimonies or when I come on this website, this blog and read the responses and the connection that we all share in Christ Jesus.
May God richly bless you and keep you!!
Marlena :-)

Kris_in_WA said...

Hi Emily - welcome!!!

Oh Emily ... forgive me...but I'm just giggling because this is a question that comes time and again -- and a valid one at that from those who aren't maybe as familiar with Bruce Marchiano and his heart as the rest of us are! :)

So let me answer you here...by saying a couple things if I may. First, have you ever seen The "Gospel According to Matthew," by that company you mentioned, Visual Bible? Many of us here were drawn to find Marchiano Ministries after viewing that film that was produced by that company so many years ago! Bruce Marchiano starred as Jesus and was a hired actor (only) for that film. But as an actor, working with the director at the time, he had to touch base with Jesus to let the Lord work through him to bring Jesus "alive." And "alive" He was! If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do because it was and continues to be a film that blesses many people! Moreover, therein you will see a sample of how Bruce is able to bring the heart of Jesus to life; and a small glimpse of what is to come from Bruce Marchiano's version of JOHN -- insofar as the heart of Jesus that will be portrayed!

I can't speak of the Visual Bible's version of John; but being so familiar with MarchMin, I can speak of Marchiano Ministries and of Bruce as an actor and his gifts and talents of bringing Jesus alive for so many people. Bruce Marchiano's (Marchiano Ministriers) JOHN will be "alive" with Jesus - with love, life, joy, depth - bringing His person, His heart, His love, His word, His life - and His promises "alive." And in today's world, in our messes and our longings and our emptiness and our brokeness...we so very much need this. So many of us see this, feel this..and are behind this in our hearts as we know how many will be so very blessed once this project is completed!

And now...let me just paste the answers written in a different part of this blog already to a question very similar to your own. Again, welcome, welcome, welcome! Join the fun!

At 7/30/2006 05:55:21 PM, The Gospel According to John said...
to j.j.

Yes, there have been so many misunderstandings through the years with regard to Bruce and VB. We want to be very sensitive to their work and so would prefer to not comment a whole lot, but let me clear a little for you... "The Gospel According to John" is an entirely independent, MARCHIANO MINISTRIES production. Bruce was never ever a part of the VB company (this has been very misunderstood over the years) and only served as a hired actor for MATTHEW. The VB company was sold in 1999/2000, and since that time Bruce has really not heard from them, so we really know nothing about their company directions, challenges... other than what has been reported in the press. So in terms of "The Gospel According to John," we THANK YOU for your heart to pray for us! Glory to Jesus! That's what we need and the only way this is going to get done! Praise Jesus! And "we" are MARCHIANO MINISTRIES, an independent non-profit ministry, hoping, through "John" to provide a cutting edge outreach and Bible study tool - the Gospel, word for word, on film - that MANY might come to Jesus, and that we all might grow in Him. Glory to Jesus!
(end paste)

Kris_in_WA said...
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Kris_in_WA said...

"We thirst for you...
Oh Lord for your Glory and your power....
You cleanse us with your rain...
baptize us once again
We thirst for you.... "

Hi Ladies - yes the blog is not only a good place to encourage and to keep updated, but also, to fellowship! Good to hear from everyone again!

Mrs.V said...

The neat thing about this blog is the way we're all here for the long haul, for the joy of the journey if you will.. doing whatever seemingly small, insignificant task is lovingly asked of us with a willing, totally committed spirit. "Not by might, nor by power, but by MY Spirit".. WOW a zillion times over!! As Keith Green sang, "Give your best, and He'll take care of the rest." Just being thrilled out of our socks by watching Him make a way where there seems to be no way, providing everything needed out of literally nothing.. learning to completely and utterly mistrust what we can SEE, what is humanly logical; completely, utterly and desperately at times depending on what we can't see; and what time and time again openly and daringly abandons and challenges human sensibilities..
And isn't it totally wonderful the way we all have the opportunity to truly be His disciples through this project, being truly one with Him; with each other... listening, responding, searching, doing, waiting, praying, learning, teaching, loving, giving, and on and on.. THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW..

Kris_in_WA said...

YES it is, Mrs V. YES IT IS! Amen.

Kris_in_WA said...

Hey, Ronald,..are you out there Ronald? :) Just wanted to say I *LOVE* the flyers (I just know you had a part in their design!). I plan to take samples of them around to churches and ask if they'd like to have them in their sunday bulletins (and then place an order for them of course!).

Anonymous said...

Is this the same film as The Gospel of John, directed by Philip Saville, with Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus? That film was absolutely FANTASTIC, and a much better film than Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. If it is not the same film, why do another one, when Mr. Saville's film is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

If this is not the same film as the one directed by Philip Saville, I would highly recommend that you get Henry Ian Cusick to play Jesus, as he was FANTASTIC in The Gospel of John! He was in his early 30's when that film was produced, so if you need a younger Jesus, then please get someone as good as Henry Ian Cusick!

Kris_in_WA said...

Hello "anonymous"...

I welcome you and I invite you to explore the rest of this blog; the answers to your question (and others like it) are posted, actually, right above your post :) and in other areas of the blog...also, I invite you to explore the websites www.gospelaccordingtojohn.com and, also www.brucemarchiano.com and again your answers will lie within!