It's been weeks now that Bruce has been praying. Serving. Caring. For his father who is battling what doctors tell him is an immune system malfunction leaving his blood deficient in platelets.

I myself was diagnosed (in March 2006) with chronic kidney disease due to IgA Nephropathy - my kidneys have been declared unviable. It's a degenerative disease. I'm 23-years-old, and my doctors have told me that my immune system has been silently attacking my own kidneys since I was (roughly around) 13 years old, and that there's no stopping it.

But, now I'm showing signs of recovery. Barely a week out of the hospital I was taken off of all my blood pressure meds. And two months ago the evaluation was: "Your kidneys are holding up." As of last week it's: "Your kidneys are stable."

And starting this past Sunday, I can feel a renewed surge of energy and clarity of mind, that I hadn't known since March.

Bruce's father, too, is healing. Doctors can't figure it out but they took him off all meds 2 weeks ago, and suddenly, "unexplainably" his platelets are rising. Today they crossed into six figures - more than twice what the doctors were aiming for. (Bruce is now praying harder than ever, though - says he's holding out for perfect!).

Is it okay if I believe that these are simply manifestations of God's healing grace, "For by His wounds we have been healed."

And now JOHN is "front page news" over at ChristianityTodayMovies.com


The title of this blog entry is "precipice." Webster's Dictionary defines the word this way: "a very steep or overhanging place."

That's exactly where I feel I am in my life. (What is going to be the final outcome? How will these themes play out in my life?) And that seems to reflect the current nature of this JOHN journey - as if He's pushing us toward another precipice. But, exactly what it is, or where it's headed, or how all the details will weave together in His hands, is a mystery to me.

And that's when I remember what Bruce has been saying all along - that God is building a testimony through JOHN. That, the story of the making of JOHN will ultimately be a testament to the sheer "bigness of God," unimaginable, and that testimony is as important as JOHN itself.

This is why Bruce is approaching JOHN the way it's being approached, as God put it on his heart and as God led him. Bruce has said it many times: God desires to build a testimony through the making of JOHN by which it will be impossible for anyone to take credit or glory - by which it will be so obviously only by HIM.

I'm a youth pastor. My heart goes out for my students and today's teen-agers who don't remember the passion and joy-of-Jesus that was the film Matthew. (They don't remember Star Trek, either - in any of its various incarnations.)

All kidding aside, I think it's time the Gospel be put on film one more time - for the Boomers with their emptying nests, for Generation X-ers with new families, and for my generation - the Millenial Generation - who are growing up in a distinctively artificial world of MySpace and iPod.

And if it means going through the Refiner's fire one more time, that's okay. If it's going to mean more souls coming face-to-face with Jesus the Son of the Living God - then it's worth it all.

Because, on the other side of this precipice, I know Who stands there to catch me.


Esme Shaw said...

Dear Ron - I know this is not on the subject of "JOHN" but I am so happy to hear that God is touching and healing you. We give Him all the Glory ! God bless you dear brother. Esme' in South Africa

esme shaw said...

Dear Ron - I know this is not on the subject of "JOHN" but I am so happy to hear that God is touching and healing you. We give Him all the Glory ! God bless you dear brother. Esme' in South Africa

Kris_in_WA said...

Oh but Esme how it is on topic! :) It's so on topic because it's so about how God works miracles, and miracles, and miracles... all to His glory and purposes!! It's so cool and so amazing!! And it's all part of the whole circle of testimony toward His end and toward the beginning of JOHN!

Marlena said...

Bless You! It is wonderful the miracles and blessings that God is working through both Bruce, Ron and the entire ministry and especially through this up and coming film. I know the blessings that I recieve each and everytime that I watch the Matthew films and I am so looking forward to The Gospel According to John. Bruce manages to really allow us to see Jesus the way He was meant to be seen and God Bless him for that real portrayal. I pray for the success of this film, and the great harvest that it will produce.

On a side note, I am so thankful for a healing God. It is a blessing to read that both you, Ron, and Bruce's father are doing so well. It is an increase to my own faith to believe for my own healing of diabetes. Thank-you for sharing those wonderful testimonies.

In His Most Precious Love,

Esme Shaw said...

Hi Marlena - May I add your name to my list for prayer. It must be so difficult living with diabetes. Your sister in Christ - Esme' S.Africa.

J. J. said...

My prayers go out for your healing, as well as Marchiano's father...

I've been researching the Visual Bible series (I own the Acts set on VHS). It seems, though, that there have been some difficulties and divisions on the direction of the project (particularly with the GNB version of The Gospel of John). Would you mind explaining the situation in one of your blog entries? I realize it is probably a sensitive topic, but I'd like to know who I'm praying for as these films are being produced. God bless...

Kris_in_WA said...

Hi J.J.,

I'm not going to try to speak on behalf of MarchMin, or Ronald or anybody else,...but I will say that personally I'm so thankful that from where I stand -- each Jesus project is a project of it's own. The JOHN gospel being produced by MarchMin is not related to the former companies or their versions/series and is a new birthing all of it's own. So as to the former, they are what they are; and as to the new, it is what it is - which is different! ;) I think in this world there is plenty of room for more of the presence of God, and for more of Gods Word being put out there and come to life on screen in a biblical manner no matter how many former versions there may be! The Lord put it on Bruce Marchiano's heart to do JOHN in the way that he is doing it; MarchMin is being faithful and obedient in it, and He will make and is making a way for this awesome new film. :) And I'm so thrilled to be a part of helping to spread the news!

Cindy said...

Hi Ron, thank you so much for posting on my blog! I'm glad it led me here so that I can keep up on what's going on with the JOHN project! the drawing on my blog of Bruce_Jesus... What I wish for it is that it could be sold as prints and the money used for the John project. If Bruce is interested in that could you please let me know?

The Gospel According to John said...

to j.j.

Yes, there have been so many misunderstandings through the years with regard to Bruce and VB. We want to be very sensitive to their work and so would prefer to not comment a whole lot, but let me clear a little for you... "The Gospel According to John" is an entirely independent, MARCHIANO MINISTRIES production. Bruce was never ever a part of the VB company (this has been very misunderstood over the years) and only served as a hired actor for MATTHEW. The VB company was sold in 1999/2000, and since that time Bruce has really not heard from them, so we really know nothing about their company directions, challenges... other than what has been reported in the press. So in terms of "The Gospel According to John," we THANK YOU for your heart to pray for us! Glory to Jesus! That's what we need and the only way this is going to get done! Praise Jesus! And "we" are MARCHIANO MINISTRIES, an independent non-profit ministry, hoping, through "John" to provide a cutting edge outreach and Bible study tool - the Gospel, word for word, on film - that MANY might come to Jesus, and that we all might grow in Him. Glory to Jesus!

The Gospel According to John said...

to cindy

I'm so glad you could find your way onto our blog community! Pleased to meet you :-) Unfortunately Marchiano Ministires is not able to take on such a project as you suggested, but it's something you could more than likely do on your own! We also have "John" promo postcards you can hand out to let people know about the "John" project at www.gospelaccordingtojohn.com


The Gospel According to John said...

hello marlena.

I think you're "new" here. Glad to see you in our little blogosphere! Welcome!

It's so exciting to see so many believers coming together to glorify the name of Jesus!

The Gospel According to John said...

to esme and kris

Thank you for your active blog comments! Hey, if it brings a smile to my face, imagine the smile it must bring to God's heart! PRAISE HIM.

Marlena in PA, USA said...

To Esme -

Yes most certainly you may add my name to your prayer list, that is very nice of you to ask. I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. God Bless You! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my prayer list as well. I have been keeping Marchiano Ministries, The Gospel According to John and everyone and everything connected with it in my prayers.
I know that God has great things in store for everyone and that there was a reason that God lead me to the ministry's web site. In a way it is somewhat funny on the steps that God used to get me here. My mother had a friend who had borrowed her copy of the Matthew film, and she finally brought it back after a couple of years. So my mother and I decided to sit down and watch it again, and as we were watching it, my mother said to me, "I wonder if Bruce has done any other films or has written any other books." So, I told her that I would look online. I typed in Bruce's name and there was the web site. I was so excited to see that Bruce was working on another beautiful film. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I thank-you for praying esme.

Myra said...

What God hath wrought seems to be the theme for this thread!! Ron, that is wonderful news about your health being restored, in the way of our praying for Bruce's dad.
Please pray for Janet, I was able to testify of salvation when I left some postcards at her bookstore. I think it qualifies as "I, being in the way, the Lord led me"!!

Be blessed

Marlena in PA, USA said...

Ron -
Thank-you for welcoming me. I was happy to find your blog on the film, allowing me to stay updated on its progress, along with making some new friends. I look forward to staying in touch with everyone and seeing the great things that God has planned.
God Bless!

Esme Shaw said...

Isnt this just so incredible ! we are all linked by one common goal - to Glorify Jesus - the ocean between is like stepping stones in His sight. I find this so very exciting. I have brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus on the other side of the planet - WOW and WOW. Thank you Marlena - I would appreciate you praying for me. Hi there to Kris in WA !
Ron - This blogger is such a blessing and a joy - but I will not lose focus - am praying each and every day for "JOHN". God bless you all - Esme' in South Africa

Kris_in_WA said...


Yes, wow and wow! The other side of the planet indeed and yet not so far thanks to the blog and to the MarchMin and to the upcoming JOHN! So very "kewl."

And welcome, newcomers Marlena, Myra and Cindy!

Be blessed my sisters in Christ!

Kris_in_WA said...

Now that we have a group here, have you all seen the new 11 X 17 posters that are available to distribute toward spreading the news of JOHN? They are just like the postcards Ronald mentioned and both of these are so nice and really seem to grab the enthusiasm of people!

I believe that there are some other materials in the works to come out soon - so keep watch at http://www.gospelaccordingtojohn.com !

Hey join in on the fun - think about where you might use the promotional items, and come aboard the JOHN team!

@ said...

this is such good news for us our bible study has been using the matthew videos for an add on to our book study and it has been a blessing just today we wondered why no more had been made the portrayal of Jesus by mr marciano was absolutely the best one i ever saw if an individuals small donations can help please let us know what we should do thank you ronmarnewman@hotmail.com

Kris_in_WA said...

Hello ronmarnewman, welcome! Many of us here have seen Matthew and been led to find Marchiano Ministries, and, the new film project of JOHN -- what a blessing it is! I sent you an email to welcome you but also, just to let you know on the blog here... prayers for JOHN, spreading the word via postcards, posters, emails, talking about JOHN to those you know, and yes any donations however small a person may feel they are, are so welcome! You can find more information and links to all those things on the main movie site, www.gospelaccordingtojohn.com!

godchaser said...

Hello Ron-What a blesing you are to be so young and to have such a great attitude about your experience. Crisis of faith? possibly. I was diagnosed with Lupus which is also an immune system issue when I was 24. I suffered terribly for many years until Jesus healed me completely. to look at me now you would never know that I had been ill. I really have used it all to serve others and I know that is what you are doing now. I pray that the compassion and the love you have developed through your suffering will make you even more of a great man of God than you already are. What you are doing is awsome. Keep going no matter what!!!!. (big smile)

Marlena in PA, USA said...

Thank-you all for the welcome. As esme has said this blog is truly a blessing. I have to let everyone know of the success of the post cards. I have sent some to several church's and even left one at a Christian Book store. Most have said that they will be looking into the ministry and the film. One churches Campus Ministry director for the local university has even stated that she would be interested in inviting Bruce to come speak at either the college or the church and has sought my help in getting that together. Praise Jesus! I am praying that this will really drum up support for this film and the ministry.
I also have to let you all know that a good friend of my family's niece was in a bad accident. I sent in prayer to the ministry and recieved a prayer back which I shared with the family, along with one of the post cards. The family was so blessed that they included it in with a book they are making for the niece's testimony when she is able to share it with all. They are also very interested in the ministry and up coming film. So praise Jesus!! I would also like to ask all of you while you are praying for the film to include the niece as she still needs healing miracles to occur. Her name is Tiffany. Thank you all again!! I know God is going to go above and beyond in using this ministry and film for His kingdom.

Esme Shaw said...

Hi there all - I have been sitting here in front of my computer screen racking my brain - what can I do ???? Is'nt there a multi multi millionaire around in one of your churches that can just get the show on the road? Someone who can give a cheque of a few mill ? Please dear Lord show us where or whom to approach. Feeling desperate !
Kris in WA - wanting to ask you - what does "kewl" mean ? sounds cute. Marlena - I will put Tiffany (such a pretty name) on my prayer list.
Thank you all for being a blessing to me. Esme in South Africa

Kris_in_WA said...

Hi Esme, I'm signing off the computer for a time - moving and all. But, before I go I'll answer this! "Kewl" is just a way of saying "neat" "cool" "awesome" etc. ;) Slang. I have to laugh because I too wondered in the past about some millionaire. HA. But in reality, it was Bruce's vision/feeling that God put to Him, that the Body as a whole would enact this film in it's entirety, no just one or two millionaires getting the show on the road, making up for those of us 'non millionaires' who didn't! ha!! But I've been there in that thinking! Oh have I been there!! HA. Take care until I'm online again!

Kris_in_WA said...

By the way Esme... in case you didn't know (((name))) those parenthesis mean "hug". :)

K/Calif said...

Just another reminder... the September crusade is almost here. The ministry needs at least $15,000 but only $5,000 in donations has come in so far... if we ALL pull together we can get this done!! Isn't saving souls what it's all about?

In His Grace...

Marlena in PA, USA said...

Glory to Jesus! There is nothing too big or small for Him. I will pray for the out pouring of God's Blessing on the crusade. It truly is about saving souls. I think, perhaps, one of my favorite images that I carry around with me is the image that when someone is born again into the kingdom of God, the angels rejoicing in celebration. That is such a beautiful image because it shows God's love for us, that He wants no one to be lost. I think that is why I was so excited to see this film coming about and glorious ministry that God has given to Bruce to be able to bring in the harvest of souls. There is a scripture that I recently typed up and hung above my bed that comforts me and I hope that it will comfort many of you because I think it truly shows that it is all about the Love of Jesus and the winning of souls for his kingdom. It is found in Psalms 42:8 and the translation is The Message.

God promises to love me all day. Sing Songs all through the night! My life is God's prayer.

I think that last line really brought it home for me, "My life is God's prayer." Wow! Glory to God!

I have learned more and more about the power of prayer, especially when there are many praying. This crusade will happen and be a great testimony to the grace and love of Christ, as will the Gospel According to John. In the name of Jesus I pray! Amen.

esme shaw said...

I hope everyone is sitting down when you read this ! A little while ago Bruce sent out CD's about the "Bigness of God" and on this note I have been praying that God will let someone read the website,or, read the postcard, or,read the poster, or read the blogger and say "I have a million Dollars to give for the making of the Gospel of John". I am going to be thinking BIG and will be trusting our Father in Heaven for $1,0 mio. Why not ? Esme in South Africa

Canada said...

Esme, and all,
with God all things are possible,
keep on trusting in Him, nothing is too big for Him! What an awesome
Savior we have!