Email from Bruce #2

From: Bruce
To: Ronald
Subj: South Africa Crusade
Date: September 29, 2006

Hi, little brother. Back from Africa, praise Jesus. Sooo sleepy. Off to sleep the traveling off. I'll call you when I come back to life. Thanks.

From: Ronald
To: Bruce
Subj: RE: South Africa Crusade
Date: September 29, 2006
"I'll call you when I come back to life."

Will that be in three days? :-P

Happy hibernating. See ya soon.

By the way, the prayer chain is still going! And it's going strong. I feel very strengthened by the prayers, and I know these prayers are precious in the sight of our God. We're coming together in even greater unity. PRAISE JESUS.


Kris_in_WA said...

"I'll call you when I come back to life."

"Will that be in three days? :-P"

GOOD ONE Ronald! :) hee hee. You go!

You know, while some are resting and hybernating, others are being lifted and energized. An old, now, "retro" song was "our lips are sealed." Well, let our lips NOT be sealed while others are resting! Chat it up ya'll!

Katie R. said...

At last, the SA crusade report and the journal entry are on brucemarchiano.com; well worth the long wait. Thank God for all He is doing, and that He lets us be part of it. I'll be reading Psalm 33 with a new appreciation of worship :^)

Kris_in_WA said...

You know I have not yet been able to see the journal entry. Computer issues I guess. Interestingly enough I use the computer for a large portion of my JOHN efforts - no surprise, then, that this too seems to be an area of attack of the enemy! But, God prevails of course! Eventually, I'll see the journal entry!

Until then, the Lord continues to put me across the path of people that He wills. Just recently, I was met up in a round about way with a person - and 7 other women as well - who very much needs Jesus at a time of terrible trial in their lives - and God put it on my heart then and there to share some of Bruce's material with them in hope of introducing them in a way that I myself could never do. And when the timing is right, soon I will tell them about JOHN! I want them to know about it not only so that they may find themselves in a position to help with the JOHN effort but more importantly that they will be watching for it and go and see it when it comes out; share it with others as I have shared some with them. A gospel circle, if you will!