How Beautiful...

How beautiful on the mountains /Are the feet of those who bring good news / Who proclaim peace / Who bring good tidings / Who proclaim salvation / Who say to Zion / "Your God reigns!" (Isa. 52:7)

Did you receive the September John e-Newsletter in your email box today? There's so much more in the newsletter that blessed me--stories of God's people touching lives and blessing others--but, let me just share with you this little picture:

God's people are out there, armed with the free materials they ordered from the website, and talking to people! I know there are so many more "out there" in so many different ways, shape and form, spreading the word about the Word that is about to "come to life" on film! (Sorry, I had to use that pun!)

I'm running out of words adequate enough to express the joy of knowing that we're all coming together to bring the salvation and joy and love of Jesus to the hearts of many, through a "little" movie called The Gospel According To John. PRAISE JESUS.

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Kris_in_WA said...

This (above) is great! Way to go ladies! :) Now that's what I call team spirit!