It was like jà vu, sitting there on the bench just outside the restaurant in Burbank. I was wearing the same ball cap. The same shoes. The sky was bright blue and dotted with the same puffy white clouds.

I saw Bruce's car pull in. As he stepped out of the car, I stood up. Greeted him. "Hey, brother! How you doin'? Good to see ya!"

That took me back...to the first time I sat on that bench, waiting.

Right now I'm feeling a sense of dé vu. Or another way to put it is we're back on first base. But, there's something different about it. There's a new level to it. A new movement -- a kind of unseen spiritual momentum that only God can do, and only God is responsible for.

Even Bruce's time spent in his father's hospital, and my time spent in my own hospital -- I feel those were an "inauguration" of some kind (if I can say it that way) in this Kingdom adventure we call JOHN. Prayer Chain #2 confirms this in my spirit.

Because this is for souls. This is for the gospel. This is for the Name of Jesus. That is what's at stake. His Name. And so, our God Himself goes before us in this.

Check out Bruce's comment about the picture below, of a major newspaper in South Africa with an article about a guy who was declared Not Guilty:

The Lord showed me through this that He can do in the blink of an eye what man can't do. Putting my book on the front page of a national newspaper that goes out across the world in the online edition, across worldwide news agencies... It's a publicist's dream -- AND GOD DID IT WITHOUT EFFORT, no publicist, no cost, no nothing... Just the stroke of His Spirit's favor. He spoke to me through that photo of what He'll do with JOHN -- Him doing what only He can do -- in the blink of an eye. GLORY!

So we keep praying. We keep knocking. We keep seeking. We keep sharing the vision for JOHN. We keep sending out those emails. We keep making those calls. Because we know our God goes before us, and we believe Jehovah-jireh (The LORD will provide).


Esme' Shaw said...

Wow ! what a mighty God we serve - What an absolute thrill to read this. I feel like doing a little jig ! it is just so exciting.
Esme' in South Africa

marika_croatia said...
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Canada said...

How Exciting! Praise Jesus! I was told once"all He needs is a willing heart and He will do the rest!" He is indeed doing it, everyday in our lives and in the lives around us! Marika, I also read Oswalds devotional along with the bible, what a great way to start the day! God Bless you all!

Kris_in_WA said...

And it's just the beginning.....

The Gospel According To John said...

re: deleted comment

In respect for the privacy of persons who may not wish their names to be posted on a public website such as this, I had to delete your comment as it contains a specific prayer request by name.

Please visit brucemarchiano.com and click on "Prayer Ministry" for such requests, and the Marchiano Ministries prayer team can bring your requests before God.


Marlena in Pa said...

dyWhat a mighty God we serve! I am continually amazed at what our Father is doing through this ministry and in life in general, though life is never general. Praise God for his tender mercies and wonderous grace. When I think back to May, well actually April and I think about the void that was in my life at that time and I had been a Christian for most of my life, since I was a little girl and then recommiting my life in my teenage years. At the ripe old age of 28 years old, soon to be 29, I sit here thinking about my life. As I started to say back in April I had a void in my life. I had just finished a degree that I never really wanted to have, and in fact, still don't. I had entered into that degree because I didn't know what else to do at the time and I had to do something, but that just left me in the same boat at that point of time in April. I had been searching for a long time and hadn't even realized it. I began to pray more feverently then ever before and this time truly seeking the Almighty for his guidance. I began to pick up with my writing again and applied, as I felt lead by the Spirit to do, to graduate school for my doctorate degree in English, still praying, praying without ceasing. I went to a Christian Writer's group meeting in May and was truly touched by a speaker who was defnitely lead by the Holy Spirit as it touched my heart and my soul as though God were speaking directly to me. Then in a wonderous moment, a copy of the Matthew films was returned to my mother and we sat down to watch it. We began discussing it and that lead to an internet search for Bruce Marchiano. I came upon the ministry's web site which lead to prayer requests being sent in and continuous visits to the site and communications with Marchiano Ministries. I am now an intercessor for the ministry and this film. This was another one of those "God Leading Me" moments. It has been a long time since I have felt that I was truly in the place God wanted me to be. He works all things out for His purpose and His good. I continually pray and in so doing, have only the desire to Glorify Him in all I do. This film is the glory of God and it is Him in all His Majesty, as He and the Word are one in the same. Praise Jesus! Praise Jehovah!! I can only wait in anticipation at the miracles that will happen not only in the success of the film but in its making, as I know the first one I have already seen was in my own life and the most glorious part is that it is a miracle that is continuous, as I am blessed everyday. Praise Him, just Praise Him!!
May God Bless each and eveyone of you, Bless you indeed!!

Marlena in Pa said...

What a blessing it is to see the ways in which this film is already touching lives in its making. I know the ways in which this ministry and film have touched my life and the lives of not only people that I know but those whom I have just met and introduced to Marchiano Misitries and the vision that is The Gospel According to John. In my prayers I have asked God to be glorified in all that I do, and what better way then by participating in spreading the word about and contributing in anyway that I can to this film, for it is God in all His glory and infinite wisdom, He is the Word. What better way is there to let people know who He is, then by presenting Him to the world in all His glory. Praise Jesus! Amen!

Kris_in_WA said...

Do you know what I would like to see someday? I would like to see JOHN playing as a home-movie at every hospital in america. Some of them have their own info channels. I would like to see not only "a copy available" but...see it playing on a regular basis..just like TBN plays it's shows on a regular basis. After the day I had today I can certainly attest that there are many, many, many people out there, those who are ill included -- who so much need a fresh "Jesus."

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce

I wish all the luck we at Creation Research of the North America aka North Coast have enjoyed Matthew to this day. Only thing that would have been nice is if you used the Homan Christian Bible which is now the number one selling modern version. Many of the Souther Baptist Churches are leaving that translation do to the owner Rober Merdock that came out with the TNIV.

But once you come out with it we would use the film in our ministry. Although it maybe hard sell because of the translation but considering how many people do like your translation of Jesus may make up for. The other reason my church left the NIV of in Acts Chp 8:37 in footnotes only be Baptised in the name of Jesus.

We will keep an eye out and pray for your ministry.

Bill Odonnell

The Gospel According To John said...


From Africa to America and all over the world... everybody is "doing a little jig" for Jesus! PRAISE HIM!

The Gospel According To John said...

Hello, Bill.

It's always exciting to see "new faces" around here in the blog. Thanks for your support! Feel free to browse around the JOHN website for more info. Blessings!

- Ronald

Marlena in Pa said...

Hello All -
This is definitely a prayer concern for the film. I had a dream, and take it how you will, but I feel that God was warning me or rather telling me that I need to let all the saints know to pray. Pray against Satan's attacks most definitely as that was what the dream included. I won't go into detail about the dream but the point of it all was that we really need to be praying and as I stated in the dream I was told to tell all the saints to pray. So in obedience to God, here I am telling everyone to pray. I know all of you have been praying but we really need to step it up a notch. So, please, pray, pray, pray. I will be praying here as well.
God Bless You All!

L.B.nz said...

See the cloud full of LIVING WATER hovering over dry land......
See the ARM stretched through the darkness..take hold of HIS HAND!

Katie said...

OK, Ron :^)
Time for another round robin prayer.
Love to you and the team, in Jesus' Name :^)