When Leaving a Comment 2

Praise God!

Everytime I see a new comment on this blog, I get so excited, and praise God that He's brought us together in this work.

As the blog grows, in order to aid in the better communication in our blog world, let me ask you to follow a simple procedure when leaving a comment:

If you DO NOT have a Blogger account, please do not use the "Anonymous" option. Instead, please select the option called "Other" and type in your screen name. This is so that we don't end up with a bunch of comments - all by a person named "anonymous." When choosing the "Other" option, you do not need to submit an email address.

Examples of screen names (the possibilities are endless as you can make up any screen name as you'd like):

  • jesus-luvr
  • chloe s.
  • jesus freak 2001
  • james k.
If you DO have a Blogger account, please log in to your account and leave us a comment identifying yourself using your Blogger name.

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