Casting Bread Upon the Waters

Please alert your friends, pastor(s), neighbors, co-workers, family/relatives about our new video blog. It is in the coming together of the Body of Christ in prayer and with practical support that JOHN will become a reality as we together put our hands to the plow of God.

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days. (Ecclesiastes 11:1)

Jesus Goes Before Us in this kingdom venture! PRAISE!!!

If you're having trouble viewing our videos, please note the different ways you can view them:

1) Through this blog. Simply click "Play" then click "Pause" and wait until the video finishes loading (the red bar should fill up the timeline at the bottom). Depending on your Internet connection speed, the wait time may be shorter or longer.

2) On our MySpace page. Located at www.myspace.com/gospelaccordingtojohn

3) At our YouTube channel. Located at www.youtube.com/marchmin

God bless you!


Kris_in_WA said...

Ronald, I have been watching the videos on real fusion and when I saw the concept artist (part 2) I have to tell you... I am so glad that this is in video snippets. A fly on the wall so to speak for many who are involved. And my reaction was, what an amazing process. The artwork is clearly God-blessed ...and breathtaking! There was something though that I thought that I will share here with everyone. For me, listening to the process, the steps to get to this point; then seeing the artwork and being amazed by the whole John process, it would be fair to say that I could fall in love with the filmmaking process ;) Wow what an amazing, beautiful thing. Or maybe it's just the JOHN film project. I dont' know. I just had no idea what to expect but this was pretty amazing. Very "God" like. Humble, simple and "wow" all at the same time. WOW!!! Great work Ronald!

Trailady said...

This is totally cool!! I will look you up on myspace!!!

God Bless your efforts!!

The Matthew movie changed my life and I can't wait for John. :o)

The Gospel According To John said...


WELCOME to the adventure that is JOHN!