The Concept Artist, Part I (Video Blog #1)

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Kris_in_WA said...

Ronald this was such a fun(ny) video. :)

I love the line the world is your oyster when you don't have any money. HA! Do I hear that!

You know all very simple. Who needs big offices anyway. Jesus worked in the dirt! :) (Well and on the water...but....don't try that at home! Unless of course you've got a boat under you! No wait....it might be fun to watch ya'll fall in. Go ahead! :) ha!

rough diamond said...

Hello Ronald,
I didn't know Yoko and John had another son!!!!The likeness is amazing!!!
Just had to say...You had better be prepared for offices for your production site,as i just asked Almighty God to make that available..Today,we CLAIM that In Jesus' Name!!!Amen!
He will put it on someone's heart...and as the Nike slogan goes...i asked Him to
Sometimes it's as simple as that..i pray BELIEVING!!Amen!
Watch this space!!
Have a Blessed day!

The Gospel According To John said...

rough diamond,

you had me there, for a second! reading your comment, i thought they really DID have a son!

yeah, that's the thing about JOHN. Bruce has always said that God is building a testimony to God's own glory and faithfulness through the making of JOHN.

and we ride on the wings of the prayers of His precious people from all around the world.


we might just try an episode... on/in water!


Anonymous said...

Mission impossible???? I think not.

The Gospel According To John said...


PRAISE GOD! Amen to that! We love to hear from "new people" here at the blog.

Welcome! Please feel free to make up a "screen name" for yourself, so that next time we'll know a message is from "you."

God bless you!

marlena said...

I have to say that what attracted me to this ministry is, first, of course, Matthew, and the very real and loving portray of Jesus by Bruce. What continues to attract me to this ministry is the very real and loving, kindness that is in each and everyone involved. As Bruce always states, "It's Just Jesus!" How true.
I absolutely love the personal touches that exist in every aspect of the ministry and video blog is yet another. Way to go Ron and Bruce! Keep em' coming!
Of course, I am agreeing in prayer with rough diamond for some office space for everyone but how neat to meet in such a public place and what opportunities that God will bring about to share the Word and the Vision. Praise Jesus!
God most certainly never ceases to Amaze me!

The Gospel According To John said...


Agreeing with you, that "It's just Jesus!" Our God is an amazing God!

Oh, the day when we will see Him face to face and we get to cast down our crowns before His feet in worship of Him!

Sweetness, such beauty, when human hearts bow down in worship of our loving Father and Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross to take away our sin!


tinarose said...

Ronald, hi! the Concept Artist, Part 1 video is very cool. Nice to put a face to a name! Looking for Part 2. Is the concept artist the person who draws scene by scene what is in the movie? OK, if so, can we see some of this gal's work? Does she have a website? I assume it's way too early to see anything regarding the John film?
OK, thanks, and God Bless You!!


The Gospel According To John said...


Welcome, to the adventure that is JOHN!

You might be pleasantly surprised at Episode 2 of MAKING THE FILM :0)

Stay tuned! And spread the word (or is it video?) about JOHN!


esme shaw said...

Hi there - Esme from South Africa here. Been off line for 4 weeks and have missed seeing and hearing and knowing what has been happening. What a joy to catch up with you guys again. Loved the video - it makes me feel like I am right there with you in the states - such exciting stuff this.
Ronald so good to see your face.