Bruce on the RADIO

From a comment by Sharon (at "The Word to the World Pt 2"):

Just wanted to alert the bloggers that Bruce will be talking about "The Gospel According to John" on ["Live From Seattle with Thor Tolo"] this Tuesday (June 20, 2006) at 5:15 PM [Pacific Standard Time - U.S.]. That’s on 820AM - KGNW in the Seattle, WA area. You can get more information on the station at their web site www.kgnw.com.

Thanks KT for getting the word out to the radio station for us!!!


follower said...

After I read someone's post I started contacting all the local Christian radio stations on their websites to graciously request that they contact MarchMins to offer their assistance in promoting John. Wonderful idea!!
I think I'm going to continue that as well as contact all the Christian periodicals I can think of.. how about all the Christian networks?? Christian bookstores are a good place to leave the postcards, as well.. maybe someone already mentioned that..

Little is much when God is in it!

Blessings all

Anonymous said...

I have to say, follower, that, being one who has also contacted radio stations and other media venues in the past - the more we believers chime in, in unison to make that joyous noise, the more the word will spread! Good job! Kris in Wa

Anonymous said...

Speaking of christian stations/networks, I just wanted to say look around every corner, folks!

I have to tell you all a funny story. For a few months I - like so many of you - have wondered what I could do to help spread the word of JOHN. I've sent out emails, Bigness of God CDs, contacted radio stations, churches sent out some postcards, and so on. My latest post was wondering about maybe putting posters up or something at schools -- and have otherwise felt as though I had exhausted all efforts on my end that I could possibly think of; but I have a feeling that where we fail, the Lord will show us avenues we had no idea existed!

And here comes the punch-line story: Today I was browsing online; I went to my local newspaper online to search classifieds - but before I got there, "front page cover" featured a local christian tv show/news station I didn't even know existed -- right here just a stones-throw from my own home. Can you imagine... and according to the article, they like to spread "news" with a christian view! This is a growing tv station, an affiliate under Trinity Broadcast Network with a local viewing of about 75,000; this could be a great opportunity to get the news out locally. The emphasis here is that I wasn't even looking for avenues to spread news of "John" at the time I found this avenue; I was looking for the employment-classifieds! Well I guess God gave me a "job" alright! Ha! Contact this station and pray alot! Hee hee! I don't get cable or satelite so wasn't aware of this local station and just never imagined because I live in a relatively smaller city... so I'm just here to tell you all, you may want to check your phone books for tv/news/networks locally, and look around every corner and, I have a feeling God will provide you with people to contact/new ideas to do - and maybe even provide them when you aren't even looking per say! That said,...Here goes!
Kris in WA

Anonymous said...

What about Focus on the Family? With the audience they have, imagine how many people could hear about John. If we all contacted Focus and asked them to interview Bruce, what a blessing that interview would be.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...I second that! :) I wrote to Focus way back when I first heard... (email) but my email may have very well gone unnoticed - I think it would be GREAT for others to write to them!
Good idea! Kris

KT said...

Wading in deeper. I love it that God is opening up so many avenues for His people to connect. Read an article about Todd Agnew (musician) in the Christian Examiner (June 06), and wanted to follow up on one of his comments, So I joined his forum to say that if he wanted to see a powerful portrayal of Jesus on film, check out "Matthew" and BTW catch the vision for "John." Who knows what God may spark? The film will need music, won't it :^)

Anonymous said...

To KT...
Woo you go girl! And yes, wade on in...the water's holy here! :)) And "catch the vision for 'John'"...I loooove that. You are so poetic!
Kris in Wa

KT said...

Have you ever wondered what has become of actors who have portrayed Jesus? Brian Deacon is in the 1979 "Jesus" which is used worldwide in evangelism. http://www.jesusfilm.org/index.html
Cp his more recent role as a voice in Star Wars video game:

I just had a brainstorm; what if Deacon played Nicodemus in the new film? I know God is in charge of the casting, so I'll just put it out there with a prayer for God's perfect will for each and every role.

KT said...

I've been reviewing the wonderful outreach that is still going on via that 1979 film of the Gospel of Luke. You can read some exciting stories of salvation: http://www.jesusfilm.org/index.html

From their site, you can view the film in about a gazillion languages. So cool, so powerful.

So, I emailed them with Bruce's similar vision and asked if there might be some God-inspired synergy between the two ministries. Who knows? They have so much in place to share "John" worldwide. May the Lord open the eyes of our hearts, all of us, to walk closely with Him through these amazing days.

God bless you all!

Kris_in_WA said...

I have exciting news today! One of the radio stations that I emailed responded to me saying JOHN sounds like an interesting project and the information was being forwarded to the person who does interviews. Small steps are positive steps!

The Gospel According to John said...

to kris_in_wa,

that's great news! keep all of us here in the blogosphere updated with the progress!

Sharon said...

Announcing another radio interview:

Saturday, June 24 - 8:00 a.m. PDT
Circle of Friends
90.1 FM WMBI – Chicago

You can listen to the interview online at: www.wmbi.fm

Bruce will be sharing his vision for “The Gospel According to John”. Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks to everyone for their work to help get the word out. It's happening! Praise God!!!

Kris_in_WA said...

Today's update to the blogosphere from my little place in this huge, huge, project: It seems that radio stations are considering being open to this news, more and more; even those who have not yet booked interviews (everybody pray for their openeness!!)...I heard back from a few more stations today in response to my emails suggesting they interview Bruce and they all say they are passing it on/considering. Small steps! Big prayers!!!

Kris_in_WA said...

To KT -

Yes, it's got to be all the Lord's leading to who plays what role, what music, etc., and I know it will be ... but your comments got me thinking...funny, but every time I hear "Love is the Answer" by Cindy Morgan on the radio, I can just imagine the song playing while the credits role after "JOHN" ends! One can't help but wonder what it will be in the end - but that's part of the fun!