Remember Hope

The crucifixion of Jesus was (seemingly) the greatest victory for the enemy. But as it turned out, it was actually the crucifixion that was the defeat of Satan, and hell and death and the grave. It is the cross that has given us life eternal.

It seems the enemy is pulling out all the stops to deter the work of MarchMin and JOHN. Even at my church, I'm experiencing the enemy trying to gnaw away at my spiritual strength - and in turn the entire youth ministry there.

But, we "stick to our guns." We don't buckle, nor do we give in to the ways of men. Instead, we "pray, pray, pray."

Let me share with you a passage of Scripture that I shared with my youthworkers at church today. It's Psalm 71:1

In you, O LORD, I have taken refuge;
let me never be put to shame.

Where ever it is you are, whatever it is you are struggling through, trust in the words of Jesus, and have hope. His Word is true forever. "Heaven and earth shall disappear, but my words remain forever."

Bruce is standing strong and JOHN continues to move forward in God's undaunted faithfulness.

So, remember the words of Jesus...and have hope. He'll never let you or I to be put to shame because we have taken refuge in Him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald!

Just wanted to let you and the other blog readers know that I saw that Bruce has an article on the InTouch web site this week.

Wow! It was a blessing as I read the article "Oh Father, Please Fix My Dad". Bruce writes it from his dad's hospital room. The article brought me to tears as I thought about my own father and the Father who loves and takes care of us.

Everyone can access the article at this link: http://ww2.intouch.org/site/c.7nKFISNvEqG/

We are praying for everyone involved in the "John" project!

Friends in Colorado

follower said...

Brothers & Sisters,

I am so awed again by the ability of the precious Spirit to sustain us, and cause us to be more than conquerors through Him that LOVES US, unconditionally and unashamedly. It's time to close ranks, each and everyone of us, and Fight the Battle He has called us to fight... to Prepare the Way of the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS!!... to press in
as ONE again to His mighty THRONE of GRACE... to know that through the seemingly mortal woundings, the pressing fatigue, the flood of tears and the shell-shock He is ALWAYS able to do exceeding abundantly more than we ask and even think to ask..
HOPE will always rise anew, believe it.. speak it...wait for it..for it will not fail..

Amen & Amen

The Gospel According to John said...

thank you "Friends in Colorado."

that link is appearantly out-dated. people who haven't read it yet, can go here


Canada said...

Thankyou Ronald and Marchmin
For all your encouraging words. I
know that many people find comfort
in them especially now as our Church is going through alot of conflict, and it is effecting almost every aspect of ministry.

But there is always Hope, wherever the Lord is there is Hope. So keep Praying for this ministry, for your ministry, your lives and your family etc. and God will fulfill His
promises. He loves us unconditionally, what Blessing that is! Celebrate the Lord!
Our prayers are with you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

I know this is off subject, but couldn't post the other days... plus, I think Bruce would like for us to share what we're doing to get the word out about "John".

What I've done, along with friends,
is this...emailed Christian radio and TV programs re "John" with a brief background of Marchiano Ministries and followed it up with a "John" postcard to each...posted
"John" postcards on bulletin boards at colleges and businesses, ie. grocery stores, urgent care, the vet, etc...shared "John" with
our churches and mailed postcards to churches in our respective areas...gave some postcards to Christian bookstores to place on their counters...I shared a little in some Christian chat rooms...
at Amazon and others, where you can review or make a comment about a specific movie, I commented on "Matthew" and also stated that
"John" would be following but needed support. Next, I'll try news outlets--especially Fox News--and Christian publications.

That's about it for now. I know we all lift up Bruce and his father in prayer...

In Jesus,