Bruce on the RADIO #4

From a comment by Sharon (at "New Wine Bottles?"):

Announcing another radio interview that can be heard on the internet!

June 29, 2006
“Live with Jeff and Lee”
Minneapolis/St. Paul
5:15 p.m. CDT (3:15 PDT)

Anyone, anywhere can listen to these interviews online – just connect to their web site and click on the listen button.

Need to figure out the time zone difference for your location – go to www.timeanddate.com where you will find a time converter. You can convert the CDT by using Chicago to match up to your location – or you can convert the PDT by using Los Angeles to match up to your location.


Jen K. in Canada said...

Hi everyone! I have opened a group section for "JOHN" . It is a really beautiful website that you can light a virtual candle and say a prayer for what and whomever you wish. http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng&gi=JOHN

Stop by and light a candle for the making of John and send the link to everyone! Lets try and get as many candles lit to raise more awareness and lift more prayers up to heaven for Bruce and this Project. Glory! :)
I am looking forward to hearing Bruce's interview today! :)

Kris_in_WA said...

Lovely idea Jen! Way to go!

bruce m said...

well i finally got the time to peek in (this blog thing is a new world to me) and all i can say is i'm humbled by so much gracious and passionate support. THANK YOU to you who are coming alongside, literally partnering with us, the body coming together like this that HIS SON might go forth to the nations in this purely gospel way... hey, i can only suggest that he is not only mighty but mightily pleased. glory to his name!

quickly (blogs are supposed to be short, i hear) i was reading in isaiah 53 about jesus, where it says "THE WILL OF GOD WILL PROSPER IN HIS HANDS." wow! i thought, "the will of god must also prosper in MY/OUR hands." it's like god places his will in our hands just as he did with jesus, that it might be fully accomplished.

truly speaking, god's will is obvious--and it's OURS to see that it prospers, just it was jesus'. and how does that happen? yes, it happens thru action; yes, thru CHOOSING righteousness... but even more IN PRAYER.

god has chosen to establish his will and his kingdom "on invitation" so to speak. in other words, as his people pray, he moves--it's that simple. and so the "hands" in which his will will prosper are the praying hands of his children--his children coming together in the obvious knowledge of his will and crying out, "your kingdom come! your will be done!"

is the gospel on film his will? is it his will that the gospel on film would be focused on the salvation of nations and drawing all of us to jesus? is it his will that people would know his son more and more? of course, of course... we can be confident that what we are moving toward in JOHN is his will--AND IT IS UP TO YOU AND I TO "PROSPER" IT, AS IT'S FULFILLMENT IS IN OUR HANDS.

yes, it is in our production hands practically, but FAR, FAR more, it is in all of our hands IN PRAYER. without your prayer none of it will happen.

yes, in the grand scheme of how god operates YOU ARE LITERALLY MORE CRITICAL TO THE FULFILLMENT OF JOHN THAN ME OR ANYONE ON THIS END. simply speaking, if you don't pray--if we don't pray--it will never be. what is obviously his will will not prosper. "oh father have mercy, may that never be."

so... i'm thankful for you. we stand together and we move forward together. SOULS, SOULS, SOULS! just think of the souls JOHN will count for! hey, if that don't motivate, i don't know what will!

thank you so much, glory to jesus! i'll pop in again soon! now i've got to get busy with more script re-writes as we've got to get it as 100% HIS way as is humanly possible. led by his spirit! embraced in your pryaer and support! we stand together on behalf of his kingdom and his heart for people. we look forward to that day... the lights come down, the music rises, and the words appear, THE GOSPEL ACCORIDNG TO JOHN.

wow, what a day that will be! glory to the name of JESUS!

bruce m

Canada said...

We are in His loving hands and this
Gift of John, His Gift of John,
our prayers and the people He will touch through it are in His Hands.
All so precoius in His sight, and yes we need to continue to PUSH-
"pray until something happens" And
wow God will do the rest! When we pray, God moves! Amen

follower said...

Amazingly, it is the "Father's good pleasure to give to us the kingdom". How thrilling it is to have a Heavenly Father who ecstatically rejoices when His children imitate His nature.. when they "do what they have seen their Father do" ...so that
in His authority and power they
preach the good news, heal the brokenhearted, deliver the captives....lift up Jesus in whatever fashion He has prepared them to do so

And we look to Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross..", in other words, the test is the willingness to lay everything down, keeping nothing back.. wholly and completely
trusting, obeying, seeking, worshipping, unshakeably believing His voice. And then, His glory appears and hearts are drawn to the One who loves them with an unfailing LOVE.

The GREATEST is love

Jen K. in Canada said...

Hi everyone! a gentle reminder to keep lighting those candles, it is a great and special way to show the prayers are making a difference and also for Bruce and his 'crew' that we are behind them all they way! Remember, a candle only stays lit for 48 hrs, so please remember to visit often and light a candle regularly. It will keep "JOHN" and Bruce in the forefront of our prayers and thoughts. Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians and Happy 4th of July to all my USA neighbors! God Bless! :) Here's the Candle link again. If you want to locate our candle page, you can also go to "groups" and look for JOHN. :)


follower said...

Hi, again

Ronald, I got to thinking about the local congregations in my area, and how to present the vision for the film to each group as a whole.
One thing that came to mind was if a promo with easily reproducible materials(including a short video?) could be packaged and offered as a product on the Gospel according to John's website, that could even be, for example, dropped off for a church to use in a service. I'm throwing the idea in here, not sure of logistics or if it's even close to how Bro. Bruce wants to get the word out.

Blessings all..

Canada said...

Hi Follower
we have what is called ministerial
which is clergy from various churches in our area. They are sometimes open to short presentations, ask your Pastor about it. They meet monthly. As for material go to Marchiano Ministries website, they do have a DvD, CD, postcards available, all
are very good.Our prayers are with you, and may God Bless you all! It so, exciting and I also find by Sharing John, I am also able to
Share Jesus with others.

The Gospel According to John said...

to follower:

actually a press kit for JOHN is in the works for media outlets, and we're working on material you can download to use in the Internet as well!

in the mean time, you can go to the section called "spread the news" on the JOHN website to order promo DVDs and postcards.


esme shaw said...

Hi there - just so very exciting ! I logged onto the Jeff and Lee Interview with Bruce and was blessed out of my little socks - Just to let you know that I have definitely caught hold of the excitment and the vision. Esme' from South Africa

Kris_in_WA said...

Oh Esme, wasn't that just the best interview with Jeff and Lee?! I agree! It was awesome! I just wish the whole world could have heard it all at once! :)

The Gospel According to John said...

hello esme and kris_in_wa

that WAS a fun interview! i was "blessed out of my little socks" too!


Godchaser said...

Interesting interview. many things were discussed, people got a chance to get to know Bruce. I am very visual and I remember clearly after seeing Zeffrelli's(I love him)Jesus of Nazareth, how I wished for a friend like Jesus. then in 1989 I got Him for so much more than that. I love that you want Jesus to be as simple and as clear to people as possible. I'm sure he loves that too. Be encouraged.

esme shaw said...

Hi Ronald - just wanted to say what a great job you have done with the artwork, the blogger and everything else behind the scenes. I trust that you are completely better (a group of ladies in South Africa were praying very hard for you during the difficult time a few weeks ago). Just wanted to say thanks dear brother from all of us in South Africa. Bless you. Esme - S Africa

The Gospel According to John said...

hello Godchaser -

welcome to the making of "john."

yes, it's the Word of God that will reveal Jesus to our hearts...by His Spirit. Praise Him!

The Gospel According to John said...

thank you esme!

i thank Jesus for our fellowship in Jesus. thank you for praying for me.

i know it is only His grace that sustains my spirit and my body.

PRAISE JESUS. Be blessed!