Hi. Ronald here again :)

I just came back from sending another one of the JOHN postcards. And I thought, "I wonder what other are people doing in promoting this project?"

What's your story? Share with us your ideas.


A Friend said...

I don't know that it's common knowledge but I'm aware that Bruce's father is in the hospital. I am sure it is rough for Bruce and his family, and on top of the pressure on Bruce with JOHN. I am here in Egypt on a missions trip to here, Jordan, and Israel. As I prayed for Bruce and his father I went outside and looked up to the Sinai mountain-top where Moses received the Ten Commandments and just stared at that Holy Place.

I can't say that answers came, but what did come was assurance that God holds Bruce and his family in the very palm of His hand. I felt something inside me say, "You, don’t have the words, but I do"... We don't have to have the right words as to what to say or how to pray but the Spirit does. He is alive and working, making intercession for us when we don't know how to pray. The Lord loves Bruce's father and is so intimately acquainted with the struggle. Our Jesus is interceding on his behalf as the saints all keep praying on his behalf. God is faithful, He is faithful.

Sometimes, I think of all the Red Seas that have been crossed for Bruce.... You know the miraculous openings for JOHN to get to this point that Bruce has written about, and provisions and contacts and all such things just lining up. I know he has been through an Egyptian journey and has been faithful in walking steadily forward as God has spoken to him. With his eyes on that promised land given by our Father, he has walked forward. I am positively sure amongst the wilderness wandering there have been many spiritual battles that have been fought through sweat-breaking prayer and by God's hand carrying him to the other side by grace. What realization came over me was (it may not make any sense to anyone else) but, sometimes God gets us out of our own personal Egypts on the way to a vision only to draw us back.

I got to thinking all the times people fled Egypt for freedom but there was a time when there was a return to Egypt for safety. One of those times was when our Jesus had to go back to Egypt at age two. He actually had to be taken back to Egypt for safety. God brought Jesus the little boy back safely to Egypt for protection so His divine purpose was fully protected from the wrath and death by a jealous King. What I am trying to say is while Bruce is focused on his father and going through this major battle for his father's health it can maybe feel to him like he is losing some momentum for his vision for JOHN. However, could it be that this is just one way God is putting JOHN together? For, it’s not by human might, not by human power but by His Spirit. If he has to turn time away from the vision, could it possibly be a time for the vision to grow, its purpose preserved and protected as it gets spread sovereignly by God's Spirit? God can/will protect it and grow it. Bruce has often written, For it is .... "Not by might, not by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord" I know it may not much of a comfort to hear any of these things, but one thing is for sure: God is faithful and He protects those who love Him and I know that Bruce loves Him. He gives us grace upon grace for every attack and every battle and those times when all indicators can be discouraging.

I tell you, being here in these lands with these people proves it over and over and over and over and all over again...

"I the God of Israel will not leave them to die. I will make rivers flow on the dry hills and springs flow through the valleys. I will change the desert into a lake of water and the dry land into fountains of water. I will make trees grow in the desert... People will see these things and know that the Lord's power did this, that the Holy One of Israel did these things"

Can I just say this one more thing? Do not lose courage, Bruce. You hold on. Hold on firmly to the hope that you have been given. We can trust God to do what He has promised... No matter how many Egypt’s you have to go through, whether getting out of Egypt or going back in for the safety of your purpose, He is faithful. We don't know what God is up to. For, His ways are far above ours and His thoughts exceed the heavens heights. But we stand on the assurance and Holy Ground that there is nothing that is too hard for Him. In these amazing lands, I can attest this fact completely, entirely and without a doubt.

We are praying for your father, Bruce... we are praying for healing and for all that is needed for you and your family. Take courage and keep hanging onto the hope born within in you through Jesus our Lord!!

I brought a stack of JOHN postcards with me and they have crossed the Red Sea.... You know, Ol' Moses went by foot, we went by ferry and your postcards crossed over with faith. We are praying, Bruce. Hang tight. Hang tight to Jesus.

The Gospel According to John said...

to "a friend" -
thank you so much for your words of encouragement. yes, the Lord is doing it. He is bringing us together.

Anonymous said...

Well Ronald, I don't think I've done anyting special or extraordinarily creative, but, maybe comical for my first attempt... the first thing I did when I heard of "John" was, I wrote to Orpah - I know, I know. But hey, why not. Then I emailed website links to major news stations, regional and local news and papers. Of course, I attached the website links to my online profile, etc. Once the Bigness of God CDs came out, I sent those out to churches in my state, radio stations, and to those people that I know. When my thank you DVD arrived (this is a neat thing that MarchMin occasionally sends out to those who have made ministry donations), it contained some postcards, which I then mailed out to additional radio stations. And, whenever I get the opportunity (i.e. someone expresses their faith around me!) I tell folks about the movie (though I'll be honest and tell you, if folks haven't yet heard of Bruce - and there are many who haven't yet heard of him - they aren't always so open to hearing of the movie -- but if you don't try then...you'll never know is how I see it so I go ahead and tell them!). Having done those things, I'll tell you I sort of feel as though I haven't done nearly enough! It just blows me away to hear of some of the ideas people are coming up with and doing! God's people are truly amazing.
~ Kris in WA

The Gospel According to John said...

to Kris -

writing to Oprah? that is awesome!

that's the kind of things I've been doing here as well, mailing out postcards to whoever i can think of.

i think we just keep going. and we never know what "tricks" God has "up His sleeves" - if i can put it that way.

in the mean time, we pray and keep imagining where the Lord would take JOHN.

Anonymous said...

To Ronald -

Well yeah, Oprah: I thought gee now there is some wide exposure for the movie/books etc; that may tell lots and lots of folks about it all... But, then I later realized, that, perhaps, that's just too focused an avenue there if you know what I mean. Maybe, God is expecting his "body" to make a joyous noise toward this new news...together in unity rather than from one large avenue. But, I guess you just never know how the Lord will use any one source! That said, in reality, it's the small steps that count more than the big...what does the bible say(among other things!)...the body is made of many parts...joining and working together... "Together" is the key! Together we hold each other up, in, and through. We were never meant to go it alone...never meant to carry all of the burden...this is what unity is all about! All we the body need to say is "Yes Lord." And...in the timing of His will, John will be done. What a day that's gonna be! "Woot!"
~ Kris in Wa.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought - it feel a wee bit silly saying this but here goes - Couldnt the Movie - the Gospel According to John be condensed to 1 hour asking God to show Bruce what to leave in and leave out ? Wouldnt it cost less to produce if only parts are done and wouldnt it be able to get into people's hands quicker this way ? Forgive me if this is a stupid idea.

esme shaw said...

I read the article that Bruce wrote in the magazine "Lord fix my dad" - I was so moved and am asking the Lord to give Bruce a Fathers Day gift (on his fathers behalf) by giving him his Dad restored, healed and raised to his feet. I am trusting God for this on Bruce' behalf. He has blessed me so much I pray a special blessing on him.

Anonymous said...

A word of encouragement for all South African supporters of MarchMin. Let us put on our thinking caps to come up with a fantastic idea to promote the movie "JOHN". After all - "MATTHEW" was born from Regardt van den Berg in South Africa. Come guys what can we do ? esme' from SA

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen, if, very large posters of the JOHN postcard were made and then posted at high schools and maybe colleges on the billboards, especially the high schools - if that is even allowed by the schools, I don't know, but, I wonder. I wonder if there is a large commercial printer out there with maybe a big commercial press that could somehow offer some help in getting them printed... It seems that larger posters maybe catch the eyes of the younger generations? Just throwing out an idea. I'd be willing to post some of the larger ones at schools (if they'd let me). Kris in Wa

Canada said...

speaking of Posters, and possibly at schools. Does anyone have a son
or daughter going away to school in the Fall to University/College
or Tech school, send some info with them to get the word out there
as well.

Anonymous said...

To Canada...great idea about the kids going off to school. I know there are also private christian schools in addition to secular schools that perhaps would be willing to post info...(and the ideas keep growing tnanks to sharing with each other) :) Kris in Wa

Anonymous said...

And another avenue that maybe we don't think of right away... is the gyms...don't forget the gyms! sometimes they put stuff on countertops/boards etc :) Kris in WA