A Prayer for JOHN

I read this prayer left by a fellow John supporter and immediately was struck by a sense of awe. It was a prayer so drenched in the Word and the Spirit, it almost seemed prophetic to me.

I recall this prayer now with media opportunities for John beginning to open up and remind myself that it is "not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord."

I remind myself that this prayer is only representative of the countless hours that countless saints of God spent in their prayer closets for the better part of 10 years (I presume) for John.

I hope this prayer blesses you, too (if you haven't yet seen it).

The following is excerpted from a comment by KTR (at "The Word to the World - Pt 1"):

"Father in heaven, thank You for bringing us together in the Spirit. Grant us the grace and courage we need to walk closely with Jesus, identifying with Him in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. Grant us Your love for those still in darkness, but more than that, grant us Your love for each other, so that those in the darkness will see our unity in Christ and believe...

"Oh, Lord, we love Your Word. The Gospel of John is such a wonderful gift from Your heart to Your bride. Lead Bruce in putting it into film format, so that multitudes upon multitudes can see and hear how 'I AM' became flesh and dwelt among us, all for love. So that one by one, people can get a glimpse of Who You are, what You've done just for them, and how responding to You is the entire point of their existence...

"Father God, we ask You to cause the growth of this project in love, to let the news of it run throughout the Church and win the support of the entire Body of Christ. We ask that we would continually lay down our thoughts and our ways, and receive Your thoughts and Your ways. We take off our own shoes, our own plans, and we receive the holy shoes of the gospel of peace that You have prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Thank You so much for all of this, for all of each other, for all of You. We bless You, Lord."


marika_croatia said...

May God be glorified as He is leading us by His Holy Spirit and guiding us even what to pray. May this prayer be on our lips and in our hearts each and every day until the Lord comes for His bride! Blessings to all brothers and sisters from Croatia.

The Gospel According to John said...

wow, wow, wow!

this is so exciting to see believers in Croatia joining in this project. PRAISE JESUS!

oh, wow! God is awesome!