The Word to the World

Hello, everyone!

While Bruce is busy attending to his father in the hospital, he's not able to check our blog, but I just got off the phone with him. He's really excited to hear that the blog is really coming alive. He was blessed to hear of comments coming in from various people including South Africa!

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in ALL THE WORLD."

Thank you for prayers and support so that through JOHN the Word can go out to the world.

I've got to share a lesson I'm learning from a book about the power of the Word... but next time ;-)


KTR said...

Hi, saints,
I've been enjoying this blog since it began; it's time to set aside my techno-fears and just step in. (My kids only this year convinced me to get a cell phone, so you can see this is not my comfort zone yet.)

But I want to send my thanks and encouragement: Thanks for obeying the Lord so that many can be blessed; Encouragement in that I am so pumped to see the Gospel of John produced with the vision you describe! The Matthew film is such a joy, so easy to share and recommend as a multi-faceted portrayal of our Lord: joyful, loving, and alive. To think that my "favorite" gospel will soon be available in a similar format is delicious.

I emailed several local radio stations with project info; one of them replied that they will follow up with Bruce. Yay :^)

"Father in heaven, thank You for bringing us together in the Spirit. Grant us the grace and courage we need to walk closely with Jesus, identifying with Him in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. Grant us Your love for those still in darkness, but more than that, grant us Your love for each other, so that those in the darkness will see our unity in Christ and believe...

"Oh, Lord, we love Your Word. The Gospel of John is such a wonderful gift from Your heart to Your bride. Lead Bruce in putting it into film format, so that multitudes upon multitudes can see and hear how "I AM" became flesh and dwelt among us, all for love. So that one by one, people can get a glimpse of Who You are, what You've done just for them, and how responding to You is the entire point of their existence...

"Father God, we ask You to cause the growth of this project in love, to let the news of it run throughout the Church and win the support of the entire Body of Christ. We ask that we would continually lay down our thoughts and our ways, and receive Your thoughts and Your ways. We take off our own shoes, our own plans, and we receive the holy shoes of the gospel of peace that You have prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Thank You so much for all of this, for all of each other, for all of You. We bless You, Lord."

The Gospel According to John said...


thanks "ktr," for that beautiful prayer. praise God.

and yes, the thought of JOHN coming to film IS "delicious."

Can i quote you on that?

ktr said...

Thanks for supplying the "Amen!" I understand from 1 Corinthians 14 and the little bit I know of Jewish traditions that it is the place of those who hear the prayer and agree to say Amen, not the one speaking the prayer.

And re the quote, sure, you can use it, such as it is. :^) That is the scary thing about expressing oneself in public, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

TF says:
Thanks for the encouragements! this is just what one needs to read about on a Monday morning! It's so exciting to be involved in some small way in this..now feel renewed once more to pray into this awesome ministry. Have just emailed a local Christian radio station in Cape Town, will await their response and am praying for this to be another avenue!

thanks all at MarchMin & "John" team for all you are doing, it must be SO amazing to be directly involved in something so inspiring!

God Bless you all!

Kris_in_WA said...

To TF - Cape Town, how exciting! I'm in agreement with you and hope they receive your contact with open arms! Be Blessed!